No more FOMO

Alerts allow thousands of users to sleep soundly Bitcoin ATMs. No longer will you miss discounts offering an extra +3% BTC on your purchase. We make sure you are as up to date as possible by doing as little as possible. Let's go through how alerts for promotions, new ATMs in your city, rewards, and more work:

You sign up for alerts

You provide an email or phone number

And you don't have to do anything anymore!

For your next promotion, we'll send you an alert

You receive an email or text message from us:

"Bitcoin ATMs just lowered the commission to 0%."

♥️ Well you're up to date

In addition to this, you also effortlessly orient yourself in other matters

You know about new crypto in Bitcoin ATMs. You know about failures Bitcoin ATMs. You know about changes in KYC limits. You automatically participate in the prize draw - codes for Bitcoin ATM.

You are ahead

When others are just finding out about the cash shortage or change in anonymity, you already knew long ago because you subscribed to the newsletter. Changed gallery hours from Bitcoin ATM due to the holidays? Marius is now languishing at the gallery door, but not you - you got the alert.

If Marius knew...

would use alerts to simplify their lives. We collect and process data for you from dozens of sources. We send you alerts so that you always stay on time.

You can sign up for SMS alerts, email alerts, or both
You don't have to give your real data! Use a side email or tel no.
No spam - because mostly once a week
You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the email
The average commission at Bitcoin ATMs is over -8%, yet offers 0% promotions. It's worth knowing when!
Entering a country allows us to send you only promotions for your country

You only get the most important info.

It's as if you're doing research every 3 seconds, on multiple sites simultaneously, every day, even at night. You get summaries by email or phone. No spam - because once a week!

Summaries on recent promotions

Summaries on newly opened Bitcoin ATMs and cash replenished in them

Summaries on upcoming competitions in the Bitcoin ATMs

Summaries on new crypto

Stay current

We send notifications tailored to your country

We support more than 20 languages. We send notifications about local promotions depending on your phone's country code.