How to buy bitcoin?

Watch the full guide
to see that Bitcoin ATM works as intuitively as a regular ATM.

Insert cash

PLN, EUR or other

Scan the QR

From your any e-wallet application

Enjoy Bitcoin

It's on the wallet!

It's easy!

Put your cash in Bitcoin ATM and scan the QR code
from your any cryptocurrency wallet. Done!

How to exchange bitcoin for cash?

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Go to Sell Cryptocurrency page

Then select the crypto you want to sell.

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Sell cryptocurrency

Transfer funds from your cryptocurrency wallet to the indicated address (or QR). In return, you will receive a barcode to scan at Bitcoin ATM. Save it.

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Receive cash

Wait until the transaction is ready by checking its status on the web. Then, walk up to any Bitcoin ATM, scan the barcode and.... pick up the cash!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to sell cryptocurrency for cash at Bitcoin ATM?
How to buy cryptocurrency at Bitcoin ATM?
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ATM paid out less than it should have
I have less than €10 or £10 left and I can't withdraw it because Bitcoin ATM doesn't issue coins
Bitcoin ATM in my location does not work
My transaction is "stuck" - not started in 1 block
Bitcoin ATM does not have as much cash as I wanted to withdraw
The website shows that confirmation of the blockchain transaction is in progress, while Etherscan shows that the funds have already been credited
Bitcoin ATM failed to print receipt with QR code due to lack of paper
I want to undo the transaction
What is the average time to post a transaction?
I'm waiting a long time for the transaction to post. What to do?
What is a miner's fee (miner's fee)?
The transaction already has many confirmations and several days have passed, but the status of my transaction still does not allow me to withdraw from the Bitcoin ATM
What is AML?
What we should prepare in order to unblock our transaction - with the inclusion of AML procedures in accordance with 5 AMLD
Why was my money blocked and on what legal basis?
How much is the limit after which I have to scan my ID?