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200 Bitcoin ATMs
Bitcoin ATM
A global network of Bitcoin ATMs enabling quick sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies for cash.
This exciting journey begins in Europe
Build a secure world based on financial independence with us
May 8, 2017, a group of blockchain enthusiasts assemble and program the first Bitcoin ATM. There is an atmosphere as if something big is about to begin.
The unit's success enables steady growth. In a few years, nearly 200 new units have appeared in Spain, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Bosnia.
The current steady expansion to additional continents is aimed at equipping the entire world with a tool to take care of its own financial independence.
Each successive Bitcoin ATM is a milestone bringing us closer to a decentralized future.
The cryptocurrency community is concerned about the banks' share of the ever-increasing fiat money supply.
Today we know that centralization and bureaucracy are not, as promised, the key to better opportunities for society.
centralized institutions
Break down barriers and disrupt the status quo with revolutionary technologies.
Bitcoin ATM
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